Adrien Saporiti


Adrien Saporiti, the artist behind the iconic I BELIEVE IN NASHVILLE® murals located in various parts of the city, has garnered both local and international acclaim for his murals and t-shirts, yet he remains a humble entrepreneur. In 2012, Adrien founded DCXV® Industries, a design and apparel company. The name DCXV comes from the Roman numerals for 615, Nashville’s area code. Through his murals and apparel company, Adrien’s designs celebrate Nashville’s culturally and artistically diverse lifestyle.

Adrien is a wonderful ambassador for both Nashville and Harding Academy. He enthusiastically promotes homegrown music, the arts, and local, authentic Nashville goods. He is a champion of the city, leaving his mark literally, with his art, and by collaborating with local businesses to raise money for community nonprofits. Adrien is also a Harding alumnus (02’) and winner of the Distinguished Harding Alumni Award. In 2015, Adrien gave an impactful commencement speech and encouraged last year’s graduating class to “work hard, follow your passions, and be kind to others”.

Did you know?

Contrary to popular belief, the original I BELIEVE IN NASHVILLE® mural was not a response to the 2010 flood of Nashville, but rather was created in 2012 as a unifying symbol to represent all of Nashville. 

If you were to snap a photo with Adrien’s mural and hashtag “I Believe in Nashville,” you’d join a newsfeed made up of thousands. Essentially every day, people walk into Adrien’s shop or post on social media, telling their stories of why they believe in the city. 

Harding Academy has a community code: Be Kind. Be Honest. Be Respectful. Be Open. Be Dependable. Be a Learner. Be My Best. Adrien continues to exemplify these characteristics through his actions, his art, and numerous endeavors. We are grateful he is part of the Harding community, and we are honored to welcome him to The Harding Art Show as a featured artist.

Don't Miss

Adrien will showcase some new works of art at the 2016 show. Be sure to visit him and check out these unique pieces he is creating especially for The Harding Art Show. On Saturday, May 7th, bring your family to the show, as we’ll be celebrating Adrien as the featured artist. Adrien will be collaborating with children to create a cool piece of art; he will also have some of his iconic pieces available. Don’t miss this unique opportunity, which promises to be a fun and memorable day with Adrien!