Herb Williams


Born in Montgomery, Alabama in 1973, at a young age Herb Williams began working in construction; over the years he developed a great acuity and passion for materials and form. At Birmingham-Southern College, Herb studied sculpture, receiving a BFA and immediately went to work at a bronze foundry in West Palm Beach, where he cast hundreds of sculptures. Today Herb works with many different mediums and materials, yet on a grand scale he creates original sculptures out of individual crayons, sometimes requiring thousands of them. This whimsical aspect of his medium is integral to his art, which is iconic; the scent produced by the crayons inherently adds another layer, immediately evoking feelings of nostalgia, resonating with adults and enthralling to children. Thematically, Herb’s works often focus on environmental issues like water conservation, wildfire devastation, and raising awareness for education, safety, and future planning. Since 1998, Herb has called Nashville home, and his art has garnered local and worldwide acclaim.

Did you know?

Herb is one of only a few individuals in the world with a personal Crayola account. He’s earned numerous accolades for these sculptures and holds records in Ripley’s and The Guinness Book of World Records. His crayon sculptures are enjoyed in public arenas, displayed in museums, and have even taken up residence in the White House.

In November 2015, Herb had the distinct honor of being personally selected to introduce one of America’s best known astrophysicists , Neil deGrasse Tyson, to an enthusiastic audience at The Tennessee Performing Arts Center. We think Herb and Dr. Tyson are both otherworldly!

Don't Miss

Harding students are in for a real treat, as they'll have the fortunate experience of collaborating with Herb to create art that will be displayed during The Harding Art Show. Herb will be present for the show’s opening night, Thursday, May 5th. To meet Herb, art show attendees are encouraged to gather by Harding Academy’s large oak tree and enjoy a spectacular outdoor installation of natural wonders filled with thousands of crayons. Herb is passionate about creating art that is relevant and engaging, and this special installation presents a wonderful opportunity to experience his art in a unique setting. Herb will also have several one-of-a-kind creations scattered throughout the show. As he enjoys taking something that people are familiar with, reimagining it, changing it, and giving it a new life, he will be accepting a limited number of commissions. Please click here to request information.